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The Civil Registry and Passport Office, established in 2005 as a department within the Governor's Group, is headed by a Registrar-General.  The Civil Registry is located in the Burhym Building, deCastro Street #49, Wickham's Cay; while the Passport Office is situated on the 1st Floor in the Central Administration Building on Wickham's Cay.  The mandate of the Department is two-fold:


To create and manage the civil records of residents in the Territory of the Virgin Islands under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act (Cap. 276), the Marriage Act (Cap. 292), the Adoption of Children Act, (Cap. 269) and to a lesser degree the Legitimacy Act (Cap. 271).


To manage passports and nationality matters in the Territory of the Virgin Islands under the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007; The British Nationality Act, 1981 and The Immigration and Passport Act (Cap. 130).

These vital records, which date back to 1859, are essential for the protection of individual rights. In addition, the information from these records is of great value to the people of the Virgin Islands and other agencies. You may need certified copies of these records to get the following:

  •  Passports
  •  Insurance
  •  Employment
  •  School entrance
  •  Proof of citizenship
  •  Bank transactions

  • Ordering certificates of vital Events recorded in the Virgin Islands

    You may order records through the Civil Registry website www.crisvi.gov.vg at your convenience by submitting an on-line application.

    The General Registry is opened for walk-in service Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.

    Methods of payment: Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card and Amex)
    Debit Card (Banco Popular ATH)
    Cash - US currency only
    Money Order (International only)