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A message from the Registrar General

Mrs. Stephanie Benn
Registrar General

The 21st century has seen an upsurge in the use of transportation, television and technology. Because of these latest technological innovations, we can all do the following:
  1. Cover long distances in a shorter time.
  2. See the world in ways we have never seen it before.
  3. Access the same information from any region in the world.

These new innovations have made a tremendous impact on how we do business in the future and particularly how Government Agencies interact with each other and the public at large.

One of these new Technologies has led to a process known as automation. Since most of our counterparts in other Overseas Territories and other parts of the world already have automated systems and have experienced much success, it behooves us that if we are going to experience any success in the future we too must follow the same trend as the rest of the world.

To this end, the department of Civil Registry and Passport Office has automated its system to provide quicker and more professional services for the people of the Virgin Islands by installing for the first time our own automated System. From this site, our customers would be able to get information, print forms and submit applications electronically. The site, however, is not intended to serve as a substitute for one-on-one guidance; that can be provided, when necessary, by the appropriate official at the Registry.

As we strive to upgrade our services, we request that our customers embrace this change and allow us to introduce new technology that would help us to provide world class services in the Virgin Islands.

I would like to thank my staff for their dedication and hard work in assisting to implement this new initiative. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the former Permanent Secretary now Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Otto O’Neal, for allowing us to explore ways to improve our services.

Stephanie Benn