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An online application for a Virgin Islands marriage licence must be reviewed by the Marriage Officer before it can be submitted to the Registrar-General's Office. You may use this online process to prepare the application and submit it to the Marriage Officer of your choice, including the Registrar-General.

Note that a marriage licence is issued for a specific Marriage Officer and Marriage Ceremony venue. It is imperative that you discuss your plans with the Marriage Officer before submitting the application for their approval of the ceremony, which will be followed by submission of the application in person to Registrar-General's Office for approval of the application.

Click here for the directory of Virgin Islands Marriage Officers.

You may wish to use the services of a professional wedding planner who can describe the various ceremony venues, tailor the wedding to suit your requirements, and take care of many of the details.   Click here for the directory of Virgin Islands Wedding Planners.

Click here to prepare the licence application and submit it to the Marriage Officer. When you electronically submit the application, the Marriage Officer will be notified that it is available for review.

The Marriage Officer will electronically approve or deny the ceremony details. You will be informed of the action via email, which will contain your Priority Number if approved.

If the Marriage Officer approves the ceremony details, enter your Priority Number and the Groom's last name in the boxes below, then click the Next button to verify, display and print the application. This process also electronically submits the application data to the Registrar-General's Office.

You may then submit, in person, the application and any required supporting documents to the Registrar-General's Office for approval, signing and witnessing.

After Marriage Officer Approval:

Application Priority Number:

Groom's Last Name:

Click to display and print the approved application.